Join author Matthew Raidbard as he discusses the importance of coaches viewing themselves as leaders and teaching them about leadership practice while promoting his book, Lead Like a Pro, on Thursday, February 24 at 4:30PM online.

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About Author

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University, Matthew Raidbard decided to pursue his dream of being a college basketball coach. His first college basketball coaching job was at Western New Mexico University, where he also completed a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. After leaving Western New Mexico Raidbard served as a men’s basketball coach at Dartmouth College, Florida Gulf Coast University, and Chicago State University. Raidbard then completed my Doctorate in Educational Leadership, with my dissertation focusing on determining the best leadership style and behaviors for athletic coaches to practice at Chicago State. From his dissertation research, he realized that coaches at all levels of sports were being asked to take on increased leadership responsibilities for their athletes and team without sufficient opportunities to receive leadership education and training. Raidbard’s research also uncovered that a significant gap existed between the leadership style and behaviors that athletic coaches thought they were practicing and the ones they were actually practicing. These findings were the inspiration for his book, “Lead Like A Pro,” where I provide coaches with foundational leadership knowledge and the tools to practice the best leadership style and behaviors that align with their personal values and beliefs. During his last two years at Chicago State Raidbard transitioned into athletics administration, and most recently served as the Executive Senior Associate Athletic Director for Administration, Compliance, and Student-Athlete Success at the University of Hartford.