Administrative Information

Mission Statement

The Marion County Public Library System provides the best possible library service to the citizens of the region. It is the system’s function to serve the educational, cultural, informational, and recreational needs of both children and adults. The library system explores all methods of communication and technology to accomplish this purpose.

System Operations

The Marion County Public Library System is made up of the Main Library in Fairmont, and two branch libraries. It is governed by a five member Board of Trustees, as provided for in the West Virginia code, Chapter 10. Members are appointed by the municipality, the Board of Education, the County Commission, or a combination of these bodies.


The Main Library in Fairmont serves as system headquarters under the administration of the library director. The Main Library receives and reports income from various government funding sources throughout the fiscal year.


Larissa Cason – Library Director

Kerry Trahan – General Manager, CFO – Fairmont

Janet Besedich – Branch Manager – Mannington

Julie Mike – Branch Manager – Fairview

Strategic Plan

The operational document set for by the Board of Trustees that establishes goals and initiatives for library service over the next five years.

MCPLS Strategic Plan for 2020-2025