Seeking creative tweens and teenagers to create art for our T(w)een room!

The Fairmont Friends of the Libary generously provided us with large 24″ x 24″ canvasses for our tweens and teens to make art! We want as many of our teens as possible to make something that will be on display in the Fairmont T(w)een Room! In order to keep things fair, we are asking all interested t(w)eens to submit an application with their idea for a one-of-a-kind piece of art. We want to see what our community can do. All styles of art are welcome from painting (classical, modern, pop-art, abstract, etc.) to drawing, (pencil, pen, charcoal, etc) and even sculpture! As long as it will fit on the 24″ x 24″ canvas and can be mounted to the wall, we would love to see it!

All designs must be appropriate to be on display in the library, (No Nudity, vulgarity, cursing, etc.) and must adhere to our Library Patron Code of Conduct. To see examples of art created by other teens, Check out the 2020 Teen Art Show winners for the Central Rappahannock Library in Fredericksburg, VA., by clicking HERE. More images are also included on the printable application linked below.

To submit a proposal, you can fill out the form below, or print a paper application HERE and submit it in person or by email as described on the first page of the application.

T(w)een Art Proposal

You will be creating a proposal for an art piece to be made on a 24” x 24” square stretched canvasses. We will provide the canvass if your design is selected. You can do anything that you want with the canvas, as long as we will be able to hang it on the wall and it is appropriate for all ages. 3D Art is encouraged as well as traditional paintings, drawings, etc. The deadline to submit a design is August 31, either on this webpage, or with the printable form (linked above) which can be turned in via email to, or in person. If your design is chosen, you will be contacted via your preferred contact method no later than September 10 so that you can pick up your canvas. Remember, it’s 24 inches square so you’ll need to be able to carry it home or fit it in your vehicle! All art will be hung in the newly decorated Youth/T(w)een Room in Fairmont! Some examples of other art done by teens at other libraries can be found on the last pages of the printable application. This might help spark your imagination for your own piece! Not everyone who applies will be chosen this time around, but we do hope to offer this project again in the future so that everyone can get a chance to have their talent on display
  • Please enter a number from 9 to 20.
  • If the Guardian and teen do not have email, please type "none"
  • Please upload a photo of your idea in this field. This can be a photo of a hand drawing/sketch or a digital mock-up.
  • Max. file size: 8 MB.
  • List what kinds of materials you want to use to achieve your design. This could be just paints, or more like magazines, glue, beads, or anything else that you might put on your canvas!
  • Please list anything else that you want us to know about your design here. Tell us things such as how long it will take you to create, any challenges you are concerned about, or any other details that you think are important.