April Fools’ Day

No Kidding! Interesting Facts about April Fool’s Day by Baby Professor (Hoopla)
The Story Behind April Fools’ Day by Melissa Raé Shofner (Hoopla)
Ellie May on April Fools’ Day by Hillary Homzie and Jeffrey Ebbeler (112 page JF, Hoopla)
April Fools’ Day Pranks (Kidspot)
April Fool’s Day in the Classroom: contains links to a variety of free resources (Edutopia)
The Museum of Hoaxes
April Fool’s Day Around the World (Insider)

From Scholastic Teachables:
Some of the options available on Scholastic Teachables:
April Fools the School: An Easy-to-Read Play
Guess What I Saw Today: Mini-book
Fooled You! Quick Cloze Passage
Fooled You! (Sequence of Events)
April Fool’s Day: Comprehension Passage
And many more! Click here for the full list

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ArtistWorks provides patrons with world-class music and voice instruction through self-paced video lessons taught by highly accomplished and Grammy Award–winning music professionals.

Creativebug offers an all-access, no-boundaries pass to explore 1000+ craft classes. People of all skill levels can work alongside instructors to learn craft techniques, FREE with your library card! New videos are added every day, and include everything from sewing to crochet to manga drawing.

Scholastic Teachables offers unlimited access to thousands of printables. Save hours of prep time with this database that offers 25,000+ ready-to-go lessons and activities for every subject and skill level.

Transparent Language is an online tool to learn and practice foreign languages. Courses are offered for over 100 languages. If English is not your first language, Transparent Language Online also offers English as a second Language courses.

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