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Any person these days can benefit from getting through their reading materials just a little quicker. Anyone including business professionals, students, and avid readers can improve their way of life by saving time to absorb information in their reading materials by increasing their reading speed. It can help you get through a summer reading list, get through a text to prepare for a college exam, or even get through an employee manual just a little quicker.

Before you are ready to learn how to read faster, understanding the factors that make this goal a success is highly suggested. This may include keeping your focus, sitting in a comfortable position (preferably straight up), holding the book down with your left hand, and allowing your right hand to control the pace of your reading.

Depending on the type of training you encounter (online, visual, or audio), a wide-range of software and program options are available to help you read faster and improve comprehension with a wide-range of techniques. A few methods of scanning material to consider are listed below:

Hand Utilization

Take your right hand and run it straight down the page and keep your eyes following the speed of your hand. Your hand should keep a slow and steady pace and it should stay in complete control. Even if your eyes are right where your hand is, you will eventually learn how to go at a faster pace. Pause, read a little bit, stop, read a little, start, read a little more. The movement is intended for a slow and easy pace, which is performed only once per page. Left-handed readers will use the left hand as the dominant hand for pacing.

Using a Card

With a card or folded-up piece of paper, start reading after the paper has been placed above the line of print to block previously digested sentences. The goal is to slowly draw the card down the page in an even manner, aiming to read passages before the words become covered. This technique can help you discard your habit of reading passages more than once. Find out here hvac repair in riverside. It forces you to pay more attention the first time around.

The Sweep Method

In this technique your hand is guiding your eyes across the page. You first need to put your fingers together so your hand forms a cup. Using a light and smooth motion, sweep your fingers from left to right, making sure to underline the line using the tip of your longest finger. Your entire arm should be moving at this point – balanced on the muscle in your arm. Some people envision dusting crumbs off of the page to master this method, find the fire sprinklers near me.


This zig-zag method (also known as the loop) utilizes a modified scanning technique that involves taking your hand and cutting it across the text in a diagonal manner. This approach usually tackles about three lines at a time, as your hand then slides back to the next line. The main objective of this method is not to completely see each word, but to learn how to scan the entire passage. Picking up the main idea in text should soon become much easier. This method is not suggested for completing books that demand careful reading.

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