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  No possession can surpass, or even equal a good library, to the lover of books. ~John Alfred Landford

Literary Birthdays

Happy Birthday, Authors!


Many great authors' birthdays fall in January. Help them celebrate by checking out one of their titles. Phyllis Reynolds Naylor's birthday is January 4th; she wrote the beloved Shiloh and Alice series. If you love poetry, make sure to read some of Carl Sandburg's work on January  6th. Fans of fairytales can rejoice on January 12th, which is Charles Perrault's birthday. He was known for penning many favorites: Little Red Riding HoodSleeping BeautyBluebeard, and more. On January 18th, you can celebrate A.A. Milne's birthday with us at the Marion County Public Library. We will host a Winnie the Pooh Day in the author's honor. Last but not least, Lewis Carroll's birthday is January 27th. We can thank Carroll for Alice in Wonderland.   


Director's Notes

 Recommended Award-winning Films Series, #3

This month, I would like to highlight two unconventional movies of inspiration and family.  In A Beautiful Mind, Best Picture Oscar winner of 2001, the film portrays the struggle and triumph of brilliant mathematician, and West Virginia native, John Nash.  While he struggles with mental illness throughout most of his life, he overcomes obstacles to create discoveries that have shaped American economics.  He is devotedly supported by his wife and family, and the film follows Nash’s early education into the later years in his life where he continues to teach complicated math.  The 2007 winner for supporting actor and writing, Little Miss Sunshineis funny, sad, and every family can relate to.  While traveling to a beauty pageant for their 7 year old daughter, misadventures pave the way as the dysfunctional family learns to accept each other through strange circumstances. Both films portray not so perfect families and their attempts to cope with the less than ideal situation.  From those struggles they are able to create beautiful lasting moments.  I recommend both films for a cozy winter day, wrapped in a cozy blanket, to create a moment of inspiration to bolster those winter blues.