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Kids Corner

Kids Corner

Marion LiBearian

The moon is high, the leaves are a flutter, and it’s that time when the spooks and fun appear! Halloween is here and the library is bubbling with ghoulish delights. Our annual Halloween event will be coming up and promises to bring the same thrills, delights and fun of seasons past. The annual puppet show is sure to have some spooky, ooky fun!


The library has many items to help you with your Halloween fun, from spooky fiction books, chilling movies, and many delightful books to assist you with decorations, costumes, fun foods and more! Be sure to check out the new ‘Binge Boxes’ with Halloween fun and TREATS!


There aren’t any tricks, but a whole lot of treats awaiting you at the library! BOO!


Marion LiBearian The Town Librarian

Featured Items

Pigs and a Blanket

by James Burks

Pig siblings Henry and Henrietta love their green blanket. It is soft, it smells good, and it makes a great cape! As much as they each love playing with the blanket, they don't love sharing it. Will ripping it in two solve all their problems?

Author/illustrator James Burks has created a funny, relatable, sweet story about two pigs who, despite their individual interests pulling them in different directions, really prefer to remain side by side.


WVDELI For Kids!

Marion suggests you check out WVDELI Cafe for Kids! A collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and videos just for kids!

Playaway Launchpad

Road Trip With Favorite Characters

Bring Thomas the Train, Caillou, Charlie Brown, and more kids favorites everywhere you travel. These puzzles, coloring apps, sing-a-longs and more will make the road a lot more fun for the littlest backseat drivers.

Playaway Launchpads are preloaded activity tablets that give kids a safe environment in which to play learning games! Launchpads are prevented from connecting to the internet, as an additional way to keep your kids safe.

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